Quality Policy
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 Quality System

Quality Policy
Take science and technology as guide
      Science and technology is the first productive force, which CAFF takes as the very foundation for its development.
Improve product quality constantly
      Constant improvement is the basic means to improve product quality, also the core of qu-ality management; further im-proving ability is the drive for CAFF's new innovations, as well as a factor of CAFF's striking competitiveness.
Satisfy customers with best products and services
      This properly demonstrates CAFF's ever-going quality pursuit, also a promise to customers and society for its product quality, fully exhibiting concept of “Customers First”. It is a promise from CAFF as well as a necessity for its expansion of market to provide customers with satisfactory products and services.

Quality Target
1. Keep man right centered, make painstaking control, to ensure compliance rate of delivered products to be 100%;
2. Constantly make improvement, further raise product quality, to ensure customer complaint rate to be less than 1%;
3. Carry on its quality promise, to ensure customer satisfaction rate to be up to 95% or more.

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